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Explore the world from the eyes of a person with a mental health condition.

Click on various objects and points of interest around the area to progress through each story and solve the puzzles of each escape room.

At the end, start a conversation with the characters to offer peer support in their times of need.

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The Youth Alliance is a network of agencies that came together in partnership with “Beyond the Label”, to promote mental wellness among youth by encouraging them to seek help early, provide peer support and be the catalyst for change in the movement to reduce mental health stigma.

Co-led by Campus PSY and TOUCH Community Services, and supported by the National Council of Social Service, the Youth Alliance comprises representatives from government agencies such as the Health Promotion Board, healthcare agencies like the CommunityHealth Assessment Team, social service agencies such as AMKFSC Community Services Ltd. and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) like Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, and the Singapore Institute of Technology.

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Beyond the Label is a movement to address stigma faced by persons living with mental health conditions in Singapore.

The public education campaign was designed with insights gathered from the NCSS Quality of Life Study and Study on Attitudes towards Persons with Mental Health Conditions conducted in 2016 and 2017 respectively, and aims to:

  • Encourage reflection of existing attitudes the public has towards persons living with mental health conditions,
  • Educate and equip the public with tips on how to interact and support those living with mental health conditions, and
  • Facilitate more conversations about mental health and address prevailing stigma associated with it.

Belle, the Beyond the Label helpbot
Helps the public gain easy access to relevant services and resources

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Provides free mental health assessment to young adults aged 16 to 30 years old with mental health concerns
Online webchat (Tue to Fri, 1pm to 8pm)

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Provides counselling services to youths
up to 20 years old.

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In collaboration with

Teo Xue Heng

Nadera Binte Abdul Aziz


Leong Jia Min

Van Teo

Cho Ming Xiu

Joel Wong

Cindy Grace Chew

Nur Khairunisa Ngaiman

Rachel Tan Min Zhi (Singapore Polytechnic)

Alvin To Yie Kwan (Singapore Polytechnic)

Aw Shao Yang (Singapore Polytechnic)

Lum Yu Liang (Singapore Polytechnic)

Chai Pin Zheng (Singapore Polytechnic)

Isaac Tan Boon Keat (Singapore Polytechnic)

Nur Khadijah Afreen Binte Mohamed Jahabar Sadik (Singapore Polytechnic)

Adam How Zu kang (Singapore Polytechnic)

Tan Jing Wen (Singapore Polytechnic)

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